25 January: Two years on

26-01-2013 10:54 AM

Friday marked two years on the revolution of 2011 which ended with the former President Hosny Mubarak stepping down on 11 February.

++Watani International++ went to press as Egyptian non-Islamist political and people movements vowed to make the day see another revolution against the Islamist ruling regime. And, as back in 2011, the social media is being heavily used to rally for the day.
Two years on the revolution, Egyptians are severely disillusioned. Politically and economically,43 (1).jpg they are way behind what they had risen against. With crime rates up, the economy in the doldrums, freedoms and rights on the decline, and Islamist dominion entrenched, too many are already yearning for the Mubarak years which had seen abundant security and prosperity. And too many are already questioning the alleged crimes placed to the former president’s account.
The demands raised by the revolutionaries of 2011: bread, freedom, social justice have not been attained. Will 25 January 2013 bring them any closer?
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27 January 2013
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