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Copts to report relatives in Libya

Mariam Rifaat

23 Feb 2015 12:54 am



The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church has urged the families of the Copts working in Libya to present the information relating to their children or relatives working there as well their whereabouts in Libya, to their churches as soon as possible. The statement said that 28 February is the deadline for submitting the required data.

The Secretary of the Holy Synod, Anba Raphael pointed out on his Twitter account that this information is needed in order for the Church to coordinate with the authorities in Egypt to work on moving or airlifting Egyptians working in Libya back home.

Following last week’s beheading of 21 Copts who were working in Libya  by IS, President Sisi imposed a travel ban on Egyptians to Libya and gave orders to relevant authorities to repatriate Egyptians who are already there.


Watani International

22 February 2015




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