Egyptian antiquities and Coptic icons in Italy

30-04-2018 12:26 AM

Nevine Gadallah

With the aim of promoting pilgrimage to Egypt, an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities and Coptic icons will be held in Viterbo, Italy, hosted by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Torino. The exhibition will run from May to September 2018.

To make the final preparations for this event, a meeting was held among Anba Barnaba, Bishop of Torino and Rome; Anba Selwanus, Bishop and abbot of the Monastery of Anba Pachomius, also known as Deir al-Shayeb in Luxor, Egypt; Lino Fumagalli, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Viterbo; Egyptian Consul-General Sherif al-Gammal on behalf of Egyptian Ambassador to Rome, Hisham Badr; and the Sicilian philanthropist Eugenio Benedetti Gaglio, President of the Italian Charity Foundation.

Watani International

29 April 2018

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