Moment of contemplation for young women artists

24-04-2018 10:29 PM

Sylvia Hermina Nevine Gadallah Photos by George Adeeb

Two young Egyptian female artists who have lately drawn attention for their innovative artistic works, Monica Fouad and Christine Nabil, held a joint exhibition which they titled “A Moment”, and which was hosted by Anba Rweiss gallery at St Mark’s Cathedral grounds in Abbassiya, Cairo.

Ms Fouad was born in 1993 and got a degree in oil painting from Cairo’s Faculty of Fine Arts in 2016. She has since taught painting at the Youth Bishopric’s school for gifted children, and also did work in interior design. She took part in several exhibitions, including exhibition of the small artworks at al-Sawy cultural wheel in 2013. She also worked in the field of interior designs, and she has a project to display and sell “Glee Art” paintings, some of them on the tree trunks.

Ms Nabil was born in 1994 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2017. She teaches painting in one of the specialised centres for teaching art and music.

Her paintings reflect inner feelings conflicts, and depict them sensitively, in a creative sense. She is especially keen to paint women, highlighting their beautiful female side. Many of her women are depicted with closed or half-closed eyes, as if in a ‘moment of contemplation’.

In subtle colours, Monica Fouad harmonically connects her women to society to reflect a state of cheerfulness, optimism and enriching life with vitality and renewal. Ms Fouad depicts women as the sweet part of life.

Watani International

24 April 2018

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