Pope Tawadros inaugurates theological school in LA

21-10-2015 12:30 PM

Mariam Rifaat

Last Monday, 19 October 2015, Pope Tawadros II visited Claremont University to inaugurate St Athanasius & St Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School which was founded in partnership with Claremont School of Theology. He later signed a partnership agreement between Claremont School of Theology and the Coptic Orthodox Church. Father John Paul will be the dean of the new theological school.



Participating in the event were the Dean of Claremont School of Theology and Egypt’s Consul General in Los Angeles Lamia Mikhaymar.

The Pope gave a word in which he talked about the foundations of Christian education. He defined them to be the teachings of Christ, the Books written by the Apostles, and the teachings of the Church Fathers.




The choir of the Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii sang the Coptic praise ++Sheri Ni Maria++.
Claremont School of Theology gave Pope Tawadros a precious gift, a rare book by St Athanasius printed in 1636. There are only 41 copies of this book worldwide; most are in Europe and America, with none in Africa. This will be the only copy of the book in the African continent.



California is the last leg on the three-week visit by Pope Tawadros to the US where he met the Coptic congregation and clergy, and visited the Coptic churches and monasteries there. Before his visit to Claremont, the Pope was in Riverside where he baptised 12 babies at St Mina church.

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21 October 2015







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