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Pope Tawadros receives Justice Minister

Michael Victor- Sanaa’ Farouk

16 Jun 2015 8:25 pm

Pope Tawadros II yesterday received at the papal headquarters at St Mark’s Cathedral in Abassiya, Cairo, Ahmed al-Zind, Minister of Justice, who took office last month. The Pope congratulated Mr Zind on his recent appointment, and they both exchanged souvenir gifts. Mr Zind said he was keen to communicate closely with the Church, especially concerning two new laws of utmost importance to Christians: the law for building and restoring churches and the family law for Christians. The absence of clear, just legislation on these two fronts has led to countless agonising problems Copts had to sustain for close to a quarter-century. The drafts of these laws, approved by all the Christian sects in Egypt, have been submitted to the Ministry of Transitional Justice and await final approval after which they can be passed by the upcoming parliament.   


Watani International

16 June 2015


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