Pope Tawadros visits Japan and Australia

28-08-2017 12:09 AM

Mariam Farouq

Pope Tawadros II, Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church arrived Saturday 26 August at Japan’s Osaka Airport on a first time visit to the country. His prime task there is to consecrate the first Coptic Church in Japan.
“The Church knows no geographical boundaries; we look after Copts anywhere and everywhere in the world,” Pope Tawadros II said. He asserted that opening an Egyptian church in Japan is considered proof that love and religion don’t know nationalities or borders, adding that the Coptic Church offers love everywhere and opens its arms to all people, no matter their colour, race or nationality.
“We have learned a lot from Japan,” the pope said, describing Japanese people as active and diligent, with a great history and civilisation. “The Japanese became one of the greatest nations in the world, despite what they suffered in WWII,” he added, praising the role of new Japanese schools in Egypt.
The Pope will stay in Japan until 29 August, then leave to Australia where he will carry out intensive pastoral duties till he returns to Cairo on 12 September.
On his way to Japan, Pope Tawadros made a transit stop in Dubai where he was met by Egyptian Consul in Dubai Tareq Abdel-Hamid, commercial attache Younan Edward, as well as Fr Mina Hanna who heads the clergy of Coptic Orthodox Church in Dubai.

Consecrates first Coptic Church in Japan
Sunday morning, the Pope consecrated the Church of Holy Virgin and St Mark in Kyoto, to be the first Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Japan. Taking part in the consecration Mass were Anba Serapion, Metropolitan of Los Angeles; Anba Danial, Bishop of Maadi; Anba Daniel, Bishop of Sydney; and Anba Hermina Bishop-General of churches of Ain Shams and Mattariya, as well as a number of priests. Japan as a Coptic Orthodox parish is affiliated to the Bishopric of Sydney.
The Egyptian Ambassador to Tokyo, Ismail Khayrat, attended.

…and ordains three deacons
During Mass, Pope Tawadros also ordained three deacons to help with the service in the new church. The newly ordained deacons were given the names: Tawadros; Marcos; and Athanasius.

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27 August 2017

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