Robot: ecumenical convention in Cairo

02-10-2018 11:16 PM

Egypt’s Ecumenical Committee for Youth has held its annual convention under the theme title of “Robot” from 27 to 29 September at the Queen Farm in al-Obour city.

The convention witnessed participation of

some 40 young men and women representing the Coptic Catholic Church; Coptic Orthodox Church; Evangelical Church; and the Episcopal Church.

The discussions centred on the youthful issue of immersing themselves in activities they hope would bring them liberty and happiness, only to find they have become ‘robots’ controlled by these habit-forming activities. The only source of real joy and freedom, the convention concluded, was Christ.

Other than the discussions, the convention included various workshops on the treatment of addiction.

Participating in the convention were Sheikh Bassem; Fr Yuhanna Saad; Fr Moussa Haroun; Dr Ashraf Besklas; and Mariana Raouf.

The Ecumenical Committee for Youth holds regular monthly meetings at St Mark’s Cathedral in Abbassiya, Cairo.

Watani International

2 October 2018


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