Week for prayer for the unity of the Church

14-02-2014 04:11 PM

Michael Victor

Under the motto “Together we’re invited to share”, representatives of the different Egyptian Churches joined together in prayer on the evening of Wednesday 12 February in the St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Abassiya.

 The bells chimed as Pope Tawadros II entered the cathedral flanked by the heads of the other Churches in Egypt, among them the Armenian, Episcopal, Maronite and Chaldean Churches in Egypt, as well as representatives of the Evangelical and Catholic Churches in Egypt. The event marked a peak in the week of prayer for the unity of the Church, organised jointly by the Middle East Council of Churches and Egypt’s Council of Churches, and held under the motto “Together”. 
Pope Tawadros II started by thanking the attendants. Father Bishoi Helmy, Secretary General of Egypt’s Council of Churches joined several other priests in saying prayers, and the choir of Mar-Girgis (St George) church in Manial, Cairo, sang hymns of praise. 
Pope Tawadros spoke on the differences and unity of the Churches, stressing the fact that the existence of so many churches does not denote division as much as it displays diversity—a matter not to be censured but celebrated. He elaborated on the theme of “togetherness” which he revealed as the charm that bridged the various aspects of diversity.
The week of prayer for the unity of the Church was held in Cairo from 8 till 14 February. Prayers were held in the Coptic Orthodox Church of Mar-Girgis, Manial, the Roman Catholic Basilica in Heliopolis, the Anglican All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangels in Daher, and the Evangelical Church in Giza. Other than the theme celebrated on Wednesday, the Churches prayed along the lines  “Together we are invited for sainthood”, “Together we thank God for the blessing that He bestowed on us”, “Together we testify to the goodness of God”, 
“Together we share opinions” “Together we proclaim the Bible”,
On Tuesday 18 February, the heads of Egyptian Churches will gather to mark one year on the formation of Egypt’s Council of Churches.
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14 February 2014
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