Bishops visit al-Arish refugees

28-02-2017 11:25 AM

Nader Shukry Photos by Nasser Sobhy

Pope Tawadros II delegated a number of Coptic Orthodox bishops to visit the al-Arish Copts who took refugees in the city of Ismailiya in the wake of a wave of killings and threats waged against them by the Islamist jihadis in North Sinai and inside Arish.
The bishop delegation’s purpose in the visit was to ensure that the Church supported and prayed for the relocated Copts, and to supervise and aid the efforts by the local Church to offer all possible services to them.
The delegation, which arrived at Ismailiya on 27 February, included Anba Pimen, head of the Church’s Crisis Management Committee; Anba Moussa, Bishop of Youth; Anba Raphail, Secretary-General of the Holy Synod; Anba Seraphim, Bishop of Ismailiya; Anba Zusima, Bishop of Etfeeh; Anba Qozman, Bishop of al-Arish; and Anba Yulius, Bishop-General of Old Cairo.
The bishops met the families of the victims killed by the Islamist terrorists in Arish, offered them comfort, prayed for them, and pledged all aid possible. They also met the displaced families, listened to their plights and heard their accounts of what they went through until they had to flee Arish.




Watani International
28 February 2017

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