Church denies attempt on Pope##s life

03-08-2013 11:19 AM

Michael Victor

The Coptic Orthodox Church last evening issued a statement denying that there had been any attempt on the life of Pope Tawadros II. It said that the Pope

, who is currently at Anba Bishoi monastery in Wadi Natroun in the Western Desert, is safe and sound, and in the best of health.
The Church called upon the media to report news truthfully and precisely, and confirmed it was always praying for the safety and prosperity of Egypt, asking for the Lord##s blessings for the land and people.
News had circulated on a number of TV channels and news sites that  Pope Tawadros had escaped an attempt on his life when a bomb was found at the site of a hospital he had been visiting in Alexandria.
Watani International
3 August 2013
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