Minya Bishop survives attempt on his life

30-09-2013 03:36 PM

Tereza Hanna

Anba Macarius, Bishop of Minya, was this morning attacked as he drove to the Minya village of al-Sarw to offer his condolences to a family who had lost a loved one. The bishop’s car was surrounded by armed, unmasked men who fired heavily at the car.

 These persons, Anba Macarius says, are well known to the villagers.
The bishop says that his driver speeded to escape the attackers and dropped him off at his destination in al-Sarw. Once there, the assailants surrounded the house some one-and-a-half hours, intermittently firing at it and breaking its entrance and windows. 
When calm finally reigned, Anba Macarius left. He deplored the terrorist activity against civilians in general and Copts—who are the weaker links in the social chain—in specific; and called for stronger security presence.
Watani International
30 September 2013
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