Ancient Egyptian statue recovered from Germany

10-02-2016 08:34 PM

Sanaa’ Farouk

The Egyptian embassy in Berlin has received a 2,700 year-old statue that was

seized in a German-based auction house last year. According to the Antiquities

Ministry’s Restored Artifacts Department (RAD) head Ali Ahmed, the 4.5 inch-

high ivory statue was monitored on display at Aton Gallery for Egyptian Art in the

city of Oberhausen, west of Germany.

“The statue, along with dozens of other ancient Egyptian artifacts was stolen from

the storerooms of the Antiquities Ministry in Aswan’s Elephantine Island, which

were looted in 2013,” said Ahmed. It dates back to the Late Period [(664B.C.-332

B.C.)], which ended with the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great and

establishment of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, and was unearthed by a Swiss

archaeological mission that carried out Excavations at Khnum Temple at

Elephantine’s in 2008.

The statue is of an ordinary man in standing position carrying an antelope over his



Watani International

10 February 2016

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