Ancient rock-hewn tomb found near Senusret pyramid

06-09-2018 07:04 PM

Sanaa’ Farouk

The most recent discovery announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has been found at al-Lisht near the pyramid of Senusret I who ruled Egypt from 1971BC – 1926 BC. Al-Lisht is located 65km south of Cairo.

An Egyptian archaeological mission working near the pyramid has discovered an ancient tomb hewn in the rocky edge of a mountain in al-Lisht, where royals and elites of the Middle Kingdom are buried, the Ministry of Antiquities announced. The tomb was found 300 metres northeast of the pyramid of King Senusret I.

According to Adel Okasha, Director of the Central Department of Antiquities of Cairo and Giza, and Muhammad al-Daly, Director of Dahshur and al-Lisht Antiquities, the tomb consists of two sections; the first features an open yard leading to a vaulted corridor lined with hieroglyphic inscriptions. The corridor leads to a small chamber, also decorated with inscriptions. The yard also contains a crypt that includes a passage that leads to the first burial chamber, and an entrance to additional chambers, some of which contain empty tombs. Mr Okasha explained that the Department of Fine Restoration in Lisht is currently overseeing the necessary strengthening and restoration works to that part of the tomb. There is an entrance to southern part of the crypt which leads to other chambers, Daly said, pointing out that these will be excavated during their upcoming season of excavation. The owner of the tomb has not been identified, since none of the inscriptions found so far refers to any name or identity, the Ministry of Antiquities said.

Watani International

6 September 2018





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