Children cultural scene blooms in Qalyubiya

21-10-2018 09:13 PM

Medhat Mounir

It looks like the children cultural scene in Qalyoubiya is blooming. The Culture Palaces Authority has held at the public library in Baqasheen a workshop entitled “Painting with Words” that aimed to teach children drawing, through a simple easy approach.

In Abu-Zaabal cultural house, a seminar was held to discuss “Children’s rights in international treaties”. Children’s rights as spelled out by the United Nations treaty for human rights were introduced to the children, and discussed by psychological experts who explained that children should enjoy their rights without any discrimination based on colour, gender, religion or ethnic or social considerations.

And in Kafr Shukr, the Culture Palaces Authority organised in cooperation with the local education department a poetry competition that extended over four days and witnessed the participation of a large number of students of various ages.

Watani International

21 October 2018

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