One God, three religions

17-05-2015 07:58 PM

Mervat Ayad

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Cairo, is hosting an exhibition under the title: One God, three religions, The exhibition, which is being held in Hall 44 of the museum, opened last Friday and runs till 14 July.
According to Yasmine al-Shazli, deputy to the Antiquities Minister, the Cairo exhibition coincides with one held in Berlin by the Bode Museum under the title: One God, Abraham’s Legacy on the Nile. Both shows stress the tolerance and coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews on the land of Egypt during the long span of time between the Roman times and the Fatimid era in Egypt in the 12th century.
A number of objects have been loaned to the exhibition from museums in Cairo and Alexandria. These include the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Coptic Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art, Alexandria National Museum, and the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria. Among the items on loan are several lamps ornamented with various religious symbols, a 12th century jewellery box, two Fatimid ceramic pieces one of which is ornamented with scenes of common celebrations depicted in material with a metallic lustre, whereas the other is decorated with a painting of Christ.



Watani International
17 May 2015

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