The BA sponsors courses in Coptic language

21-09-2015 05:24 PM

Mervat Ayad

In cooperation with the Coptic Studies Centre, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Bayt

al-Sinnari (the Sennary House) is holding a course on

“Teaching Coptic Language – Level I”.

Bayt Al-Sinnari is an 18th century house in the Islamic Cairo neighbourhood of

Sayeda Zeinab, and represents a splendid example of Islamic architecture and

medieval-style homes. Affiliated to the BA, it operates as a cultural outlet.

The course on Coptic language will start on 18 October runs over eight Sundays. It

aims at offering researchers and those interested in Coptic and ancient Egyptian

studies a knowledge of the Coptic language with the various phases of its


The course’s first level will define Coptic language and its relation to the ancient

Egyptian language. It will also teach the Coptic alphabet and offer some grammar

fundamentals. The course requires pre-registration and is open to young men and

women above 16.

Watani International

21 September 2015


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