Pharaohs of Egypt in Hungary

09-12-2014 10:51 PM

Mervat Ayoub


Egypt’s permanent exhibit, currently on display at the Móra Ferenc Museum, Hungary, will be extended to 30 December because of the high number of visitors, a statement by the museum said. The museum website said some 100,000 people have visited it since it opened last April. This broke an earlier record of 49,000 visitors of Hungarian artist Mihály Munkácsy’s exhibit in 2012.

The exhibit, which runs under the title “Pharaohs of Egypt,” showcases over 300 authentic ancient Egyptian artefacts selected from the Museum of Fine Arts and several public collections in Hungary, Vienna and Heidelberg.

The exhibit was launched in three phases. The first began on 11 April and focused on the structure and contents of ancient Egyptian tombs, displaying a burial chamber with a 2,000 year-old sarcophagus and funerary objects. On May 9 the exhibit’s second phase featuring original human and animal mummies was launched, featuring the tools and techniques used in mummification.  The third phase commenced on June 21 focuses on daily life activities in ancient Egypt.



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9 December 2014


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