Egyptian Museum for children

12-06-2016 09:55 PM

Mervat Ayad

The Child’s Museum at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Sqaure, Cairo, held a recent workshop for school children on the restoration of artefacts and antiquities. Some 30 pupils aged 11 – 12 from an international school in Cairo participated in the workshop.
“Holding such workshops aims to extend the educational role of Egyptian museums to outside the museum proper. We organise them in coordination with schools whether public, private or international”, said Elham Salah, Head of the Museums Sector at the Antiquities Ministry.
Ms Salah said that the recent workshop served to teach children about modern technological methods used in the restoration of antiquities, gave them a briefing on the role of Egyptian restorers, and introduced them to the pieces of antiquity displayed in the museum.
Egyptian museums had begun organising workshops for children back in 2005; the workshops were held throughout the year but were especially intensified during the summer and midyear holidays. They were discontinued, however, in the wake of the Arab Spring uprising in January 2011. Now, according to Ms Salah, the activity has resumed.

WATANI International
12 June 2016















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