Encyclopaedia of wild medicinal and aromatic plants

31-10-2017 10:05 PM

Amira Ezzat

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology today launched the first Egyptian Encyclopaedia of Wild Medicinal Plants. According to al-Sayed Abul-Futouh, head of the team who worked to compile the encyclopaedia, the information provided is mainly based on studies on wild plants made or compiled by researchers and scholars.
Dr Abul-Futouh pointed out that a group of scientific editors have reviewed the encyclopaedia and presented it in its final form. He explained that there is a monograph for each plant type, and that each monograph follows a standard format with information, and a reference list. Each monograph contains all the available information and scientific results on the selected species, including, names, botanical features, the part used, geographical distribution, ecology, status, active or major chemical constituents, folk medicinal uses, traditional knowledge, ethno-botany, pharmacological actions and toxicity. Monographs also include DNA barcoding for each plant, which he said was done in cooperation with the Agriculture Research Centre.
The encyclopaedia, Dr Abul-Futouh said, provides practical and theoretical information on Egypt’s medicinal and aromatic plants, featuring coloured pictures of each. It includes an index to facilitate the search for information.

Watani International
31 October 2017

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