From information to knowledge

22-10-2017 04:03 PM

Amir Abdel-Massih

Within the context of the Education Ministry’s policy of reforming the education system in Egypt by changing it from one based on rote learning to one based on research and exploration; and in order to make use of the Internet as an interactive environment; the Science and Technology Exploration Centre has prepared a series of books called “From information to knowledge”. The experiment starts with the topics of Arabic language, science, social studies and mathematics for the Fourth Primary Year’s first term.

Abeer al-Iraqi, General Manager of the Centre, said that the departments of illustration, publication, and production have prepared the books and converted them into interactive books through the planning centres. An experimental link will be ready shortly, in addition to a survey for the parents to know their opinion before placing the interactive books on the Ministry’s website.

Iraqi said the centre is working to complete books on all other subjects for all the educational stages, to be completed within a year from now, according to a set schedule.

Watani International

22 October 2017

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