Egypt’s children to protect River Nile

08-10-2018 11:21 PM

Lillian Nabil

With the aim of raising awareness among children on the importance of protecting the River Nile and their role as guardians of the environment, Egypt’s Environment Minister, Yasmine Fouad, accompanied a number of children on a Nile cruise from al-Manyal in Cairo to the Pharaonic Village in Giza. There the children were taken in a tour to familiarize them with ancient Egyptian history, stressing how their ancestors held the life-giving River sacred.

The idea of the cruise, Dr Fouad said, was put forward the young boy Muhammad Mamdouh during the opening of the painting exhibition “Nature is beautiful …let’s paint it”. The Minister liked the idea, and promised to join Mamdouh and the other winners in the painting competition on a Nile cruise.


“We cannot preserve our Nile without our little ones; they hold the future of the nation,” Dr Fouad said. It was obvious she thoroughly enjoyed cruising with the children, among whom were a number who had disabilities.

Watani International

8 October 2018

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