Coptic Church, Syndicate of Communications and Mobile, condemn Alexandria terror bombing

25-03-2018 07:34 PM

Nevine Kameel Fady Labib Nariman Yanni


The Coptic Orthodox Church has issued a statement condemning the terrorist bombing in Alexandria, which took place yesterday 24 March and targeted the chief of Alexandria security, General Mustafa Nemr. The Church mourned those who lost their lives in the bombing, and prayed for a speedy recovery for the injured.

In its statement, the Coptic Church stressed that the war against terror will not discourage sincere Egyptians who love their country to go on with the battle.

The Church maintained as well that terror attacks will not diminish Egyptians’ enthusiasm to take part in the upcoming presidential elections. “May God save our precious, beloved Egypt,” the statement concluded.

An improvised explosive device placed under a parked car had yesterday detonated as the convoy of Alexandria’s security chief drove through al-Muaskar al-Romani Street in the district of Rushdy. Two policemen died: 45-year-old Ali Galal and 19-year-old Abdullah Muhammed Abdullah; and five were injured in the attack, including three of General Nemr’s bodyguards.

The General Syndicate of Communications and Mobile, represented by its head Hamad al-Nabarawi, condemned the terror bombing and expressed condolences to the families who lost loved ones. Mr Nabarawi said the telecommunication service providers in Egypt bore responsibility for the bombing and for many other bombings that took place in Egypt when explosive devices were detonated through mobile phones. He said that mobile phone lines were sold to anonymous customers, and that ownership of lines moved from one person to another without updating the data with the telecom service providers. This, Mr Nabarawi said, allowed countless crimes through mobile phones belonging to anonymous or mistaken identities. He said the syndicate was working with the national apparatus for regulating telecommunications, the telecommunications police, and with all relevant regulatory authorities to resolve that issue.

Watani International

25 March 2018


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