In Minya, priest’s chauffeur injured in personal vendetta

23-01-2018 12:13 AM

Rimon al-Rawy

In Abu-Qurqas, Minya, a 33 year-old technician Mina Hanna opened fire on the car of Father Yustus Mikhail who comes from the village of Nazlet Girgis. Fr Yustus was not in the car; his chauffeur Nasr Ghabrial, 48, was driving alone and sustained a leg injury. He was directly moved to hospital.

Mr Hanna was in fact targeting the chauffeur on account of a personal vendetta; Ghabrial’s son was having a love affair with Hanna’s niece, which gave her a bad reputation.

Police investigation showed that Hanna had an accomplice, his nephew Shenouda Hakim, 21. But Hakim’s role was merely to track down the car. The police caught both Hanna and Hakim. Ghabrial told the police that once he discovered the affair between his son and Hanna’s niece, he asked his son to leave the village, which was promptly done. But the girl’s family was still livid and, not finding the young man, decided to punish the father instead.

Watani International

22 January 2018

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