Happy Shamm al-Nessim

29-04-2019 09:10 AM


The Monday which follows the Feast of the Resurrection, Egyptians celebrate their traditional Spring feast by going out into the gardens and on the river banks, feasting on the traditional foods of salted fish, eggs, and fresh green chickpeas.

The feast and its traditions go back to ancient Egypt. When Christianity entered in Egypt in the first century and swiftly spread, the Spring feast frequently came during Lent, a season that calls for abstinence and austerity. Egyptians thus moved their Spring feast to the first day following the Feast of the Resurrection, making Easter Sunday and Monday a doubly joyful season.


Watani wishes its readers a blessed Feast of the Resurrection and a joyous Shamm al-Nessim

Watani International

29 April 2019

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