Damietta’s furniture city

05-05-2015 10:15 PM

Ganna Mahmoud

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab laid the foundation stone for Damietta Furniture City (DFC) in Shata, yesterday. Situated on the northern tip of the eastern branch of the Nile Delta, just 15km south of the Mediterranean, Damietta is known as the Egyptian hub for furniture industry. According to Ismail Taha, Governor of Damietta, 70 per cent of exported Egyptian furniture comes from Damietta.

“DFC is among the largest and most important craft and industrial projects,” Mahlab declared, “and is a significant tool for sustainable development.” It was established as a result of thorough studies to exploit and promote the furniture industry in its entirety, the Premier announced.

The new furniture city will be constructed over 58 feddans, hosting 2443 small and medium workshops. Special areas will be assigned for complimentary, auxiliary, and eco-friendly industries as well as for infrastructure projects. Vocational training centres will be established within the project to enhance the skills of those who work in the field. A major market area that will include the largest furniture fair in Egypt will be in place. Furthermore a hospital specialised in limb surgery and a special factory to recycle factory waste are to be constructed. Dr Taha pointed out that DFC will provide 30,000 job opportunities.


Watani International

5 May 2015

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