Vice President of World Bank in Luxor

14-03-2017 10:45 AM

Amany Khairy

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Sunday 12 March saw Jan Walliser, Vice President of Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions at the World Bank, visit the southern city of Luxor. He was received by Luxor Governor Muhammad Badr who accompanied him on a visit to an exhibition of goods produced by the small and micro projects in Luxor financed by a World Bank development programme. The exhibition was held at the Rowing Club in the city.
Once Mr Walliser had gone through the exhibition, he held an open meeting with the beneficiaries of the programme, with the aim of understanding the challenges to and successes of the programme in order to take into account when designing future similar plans. He listened to their success stories and complaints, and expressed his happiness that the programme was not merely offering beneficiaries loans but was in the process empowering women as well as any small investor who needed help and guidance to succeed.
Mr Badr, for his part, thanked Mr Walliser and the World Bank for their effort in Luxor, and said the city was working hard to become an entrepreneurship and investment centre in Upper Egypt.
Commenting on Egypt’s recent economic reforms, Mr Walliser said they are expected to have an important effect on the macroeconomic package through promoting investment, increasing job opportunities, and achieving higher growth rates. “Egyptians will see a tangible effect in the coming two years,” he said.
Mr Walliser’s visit to Luxor concluded with a tour of the city’s legendary pharaonic-era monuments, including Luxor temple, as well as Luxor Museum.




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13 March 2017

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