Egypt ranks 22nd worldwide in nanotechnology research

23-01-2018 12:26 AM

Amira Ezzat

According to a report by Essam Khamis, deputy minister for scientific research, Egypt ranked 22 out of 106 countries in the field of nanotechnology research in 2017. The report was presented to Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar.

The report revealed that Egypt moved up 15 positions over the last ten years. Egyptian research papers published in 2017 alone numbered 1,786, indicating an increase of 9 per cent over the previous year. The largest number of papers was published by the National Research Centre, (228) followed by Ain Shams University (189), and Cairo University (185). The figures showed an increase of 209 per cent compared to research published in 2013 according to the statistics posted on

At this volume of nanotechnology research papers published, Egypt stands on equal footing with Sweden and Switzerland.

The data in the report presented to Dr Abdel-Ghaffar was based on material from the well-known US database: ISI, web of science and web of knowledge; also on large-scale analysis and comparison of data published by international institutions concerned with terms of excellence of publishing and patents.

Watani International

22 January 2018

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