Anba Hedra, Metropolitan of Aswan, receives Egypt’s Speaker of parliament

20-03-2019 10:36 AM

Nader Shukry



Anba Hedra, Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan of Aswan has today received Ali Abdel-Aal. Speaker of Egypt’s House of Representatives. The Speaker was in Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city some 700km south of Cairo, participating in the two-day African Arab Youth Forum which concluded today. He visited Anba Hedra, accompanied by Said Hegazy, deputy to Aswan’s governor, and a number of local politicians and senior Muslim clergy.




The visit featured words of courtesy by both Speaker Abdel-Aal and Anba Hedra, then all attended a lunch banquet the Metropolitan held in honour of the Speaker of the House.

Anba Hedra is now well following a ill health that took him abroad for treatment.

Watani International

20 March 2019



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