74 years on WW2 Battle of al-Alamein

23-10-2016 10:45 PM

Nash’at Abul-Kheir

To mark 74 years on the Battle of al-Alamein, the turning point during the Second World War in favour of the Allies, a commemoration was held Saturday 22 October at the British Commonwealth Cemetary in Alamein, Matrouh, on Egypt’s North Coast.
Participating in the ceremony was Matrouh Governor, Alaa Abu-Zeid; General Mamdouh Gouda, head of the military northern region as representative of Egypt’s Minister of Defence, as well as more than 50 ambassadors as representatives of their countries, and a large number of families of the victims and veterans who had taken part in the battle in which more than 7,000 soldiers lost their lives.
The ceremony featured hymns and prayers for those who had lost their lives, and flowers were placed on their tombstones.
A similar commemoration was then held at the German and Italian cemeteries and later at the Greek cemetery.

Watani International
23 October 2016

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