Abouna Fanous Anba Pola passes away

19-04-2016 01:06 PM

Michael Victor

After a long struggle with illness, Abouna (Father) Fanous of Anba Pola monastery in the Red Sea Eastern Desert passed away peacefully last night.

Hundreds of Copts have been converging on the monastery to pay their last respects to the beloved monk and attend the funeral service to be held today Tuesday 19 April at 1:00pm.

Abouna Fanous was born in Boulos Haroun Abdu al-Dafashi in April 1929 in the village of Dafash in Minya, Upper Egypt. He joined the monastery of Anba Pola in the Eastern desert, west of the Red Sea, as a novice in 1944, and took his vows in April 1947. In 1951, he was ordained a priest.

A. Fanous gained a reputation for his spiritual stature; he was known for his clairvoyance and his gift of healing prayers. He was beloved of his fellow monks and spiritual leaders, as well as of all the visitors to Anba Pola’s for his humbleness, humour, and spiritual service. He was always seen with his right hand covered with a stocking; the story goes that it was because his hand emitted a brilliant light.


Watani International

19 April 2016


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