Farewell Laila

25-03-2015 06:33 PM

Youssef Sidhom

Laila al-Hinnawy (1939 – 2015)




On Wednesday 18 March Watani paid its last respects to the masterful journalist who was a beloved mother and sister to every one in the paper, Laila al-Hinnawy.
Ms Hinnawy was the last of the handful of pioneering individuals who shouldered the responsibility of Watani when it saw light in 1958. They sowed the seeds that sprouted and grew to bear the fruit we now harvest.


Laila al-Hinnawy has departed from our world, but she leaves behind a wealth of material which she wrote with the utmost professionalism. She also leaves fond memories which her colleagues, senior and junior, will never forget.

As we bid her our last farewell we vividly remember her love, dedication, and unending efforts to serve the cause of Egyptian women and children. Ms Hinnawy opened some thorny files and conducted a few stubborn battles for the sake of emancipating and enlightening women.

My condolences to her family, to Watani, and to Egyptian journalism. May God rest her soul in peace.

Watani International
25 March 2015

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