Female gold medallist at Argentina Youth Olympics honoured

23-10-2018 11:54 PM

Yasmine Nasr, 17, who won the gold medal in Karate at the 2018 Argentina Summer Youth Olympics Games, officially known as the III Summer Youth Olympic Games, and commonly known as Buenos Aires 2018, has been honoured by Hisham Aamna, Governor of Beheira, the young woman’s home governorate. Nasr, who is a secondary school student, had won the Mediterranean Championship in Morocco in 2017.

Governor Amna announced that the sports halls at the youth centre in Hegnaya, Beheira, would be named the Yasmine Nasr Sports Hall. Al-Hegnaya is Ms Nasr’s home village. “In the name of Beheira’s sons and daughters,” Governor Aamna told Nasr, “I thank you for making us so proud. You are a role-model for all Egypt’s young people.”

Watani International

23 October 2018

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