Diplomatic briefs – EU Egypt innovation projects

01-02-2015 09:09 PM

Antoun Milad


The Research Development and Innovation (RDI) Programme, a programme sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research and funded by the European Union, has announced in Cairo the winning projects for its second grant scheme. The executive director of the programme, Zeinab al-Sadr, announced that 26 projects had won the grants, out of 646 projects that had initially applied. The winning projects will be funded with some 8.8 million Euros out of which 97 Egyptian and European research and industrial bodies will benefit

The RDI Programme aims at strengthening the links between the research sector and industry while enhancing an innovation and technology transfer culture. It moreover seeks to support the progressive integration of Egypt into the European Research Area. Funded by the European Commission with a grant of 11 million Euros over a period of three years, the RDI Programme is managed by a Project Implementation Office set-up by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The EU-Egypt Innovation fund (EEIF) is the main component of the RDI Programme with an estimated budget of 6.5 million Euros. The fund is dispensed as grants on competitive basis to applicants from both the industry and research community who have the interest and competence to undertake applied research or contribute to technological innovation in Egypt. It initially focuses on projects in line with Egypt’s innovation objectives including Energy, Water, ICT, Environment, Materials and Nano-technology, Biotechnology, Health, Space, Manufacturing Industries, Food, Agriculture and Education.

The Fund is composed of two grant schemes with different objectives, eligibility criteria and types of actions.


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1 February 2015

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