India tea delegation in Egypt

06-11-2016 09:09 PM

Mary Fikry

A delegation of Indian officials and businessmen dealing in tea has visited Egypt to participate in an exhibition that forms part of the efforts by the Indian government to enhance trade relations with Egypt.
Joydip Biswas, Deputy Director of the Tea Board of India headed the delegation. Accompanying him were Rishit Ravindra Patel, Ganesh Moorthy Lingan, Don Bosco Yasudass and Anil George Joseph.
The delegation held an interactive session with Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Mohamed Ali El Sheikh and Indian Ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya.
The session witnessed the participation of around 45 Egyptian officials and businessmen dealing in tea who discussed the trade relations between India and Egypt in the field of tea commerce.

“I discovered in my travels around Egypt that more popular than Bollywood among Egyptians is ‘Shai’, the Egyptian term for tea, of course it is not a surprise at all because that’s the major beverage in Egypt,” Indian envoy Bhattacharyya said. “Also I found that most people are aware that India used to be a provider for Shai,” he added. He also said that India already has a very great economic presence in Egypt. About 50 Indian companies are investing in Egypt with about USD 3 billion.

The Tea Board of India is a government body tasked with the regulation of tea cultivation and promotion of tea.
Egypt is one of the top consumers of tea in the world with an annual consumption of over 1 kg on average per person.

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6 November 2016

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