Egypt Speaks

15-12-2011 09:07 AM

By Riyad Manuel Elmasri

WATANI International
20 March 2011

Egypt, Justice for a beautiful place
On the banks of the Nile, finally Free
Together we topple the true enemy
Those who cannot stand to let Love be
The Greedy, grew fat like hogs
The Poor slowly starved and sobbed
But Destiny spells a story of Triumph
No longer reliant, You make your own history
History repeats, Egypt, We hear you speak…
You say Freedom, Freedom

Voices ring as One   
Under the Same Moon  
Under the Same Sun

Egypt, come and claim your throne   
It has been O so long since
You have led the world in thought
Now, Revolution you have brought
So Lead the Way,
Show us a New Day
Where Voices ring as One
Under the same Moon 
Under the same Sun
Under the same Sky
I hear you say Freedom.

One may listen to this poem as sung by the author, who also composed its music, at Riyad Manuel Elmasri graduated from the University of Texas Dallas in Arts & Performance.  He writes songs and creates art.  He is a second generation Copt in America. His great grandfather is Habib Pasha Elmasri, one of the leaders of the 1919 Egyptian revolution and coauthor of the 1923 Egyptian constitution.

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