A call for Watani readers: To save the lives of Andrew and Botros

07-05-2015 03:34 PM

Victor Salama


When I first learned about the case of the twins Andrew and Botros who suffer from the Laron Syndrome I was reminded of the disciples asking Christ when a blind man since birth came his way, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?” (John 9:2). Jesus answered them: “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him,” (John 9:3). Would it be that the works of God should be displayed with these two young boys in our present time, just as with the man born blind in the days of Jesus?


Laron Syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder characterised by insensitivity to growth hormone. It is not a common disease, only a few hundreds around the world have contracted it. Beside the obvious dwarfism that the Laron Syndrome causes, it attacks the growth of those who suffer from it, attacking the body functions successively until it leads to death. It was the researcher Zvi Laron who in 1966 discovered that a treatment of biosynthetic IGF-1 has a positive effect on motivating the growth hormones. However the cost of the treatment is hefty.

The parents of Andrew and Botros, poor Egyptians with very limited means, broke down when they learned that the cost of saving the lives of their two precious 12-year-olds exceeds EGP800,000 during the first year of treatment. But their firm faith that God can provide a way drove them to seek help. A friend’s advice that Watani readers might be able to do something brought the young family to my door.


I admit I was personally shaken when I learned of the disease and the sum of money needed to save the boys’ lives. But the parents’ suffering and heartbreak, and their unshakeable faith that God would do something compelled me to stand by them. I have repeatedly written in Watani’s al-Mahatta on Page 3 since 1 March 2015 about the case of Andrew and Botros and sent out a call for help to our good benevolent readers. Only a few hours after Watani was out I received a phone call from one of our readers who said she was pledging EGP5,000 for the treatment of Andrew and Botros. She did not wish to give her name but asked me to note the donation under the name of ‘Good as His word’. I was very moved and felt that this was a message from God that He will stand by the twins. Andrew and Botros received many other donations from Watani readers. I was especially touched by a phone call that I received from a reader from Alexandria who called to inform me that she was sending out EGP40,000 to al-Mahatta’s Goodwill Fund. After our talk turned to the case of Andrew and Botros she decided to make them EGP50,000. The following day she called again and said she would donate another EGP50,000. I was spellbound; God’s voice was loud and clear; never had such a huge sum been gathered by al-Mahatta in such a short time.


So now we have EGP210,000 for the treatment of Andrew and Botros, and still counting. We ask our readers to generously contribute towards the treatment of the 12-year-old twins, and trust in God that the required EGP800,000 will soon be made available by our readers. Our faith says that the boys will be saved.


Watani International

7 May 2015

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