Mobile app for diabetics

23-02-2016 10:02 PM

Georgette Sadeq


Egypt’s Health Ministry has declared it will be shortly launching a mobile app for diabetics. The application has seen light through the joint efforts of the Health Ministry, the Communications and Information Technology Ministry, the World Health Organisation, and the international Union of Telecommunications.

The app aims at raising the awareness of diabetics as to the best lifestyle they can follow to help control their sugar level, as well as simple tips to keep the disease at bay and avoid complications. This is achieved through free, short message sent to users on a regular basis.

The first phase of the project should cover 10,000 users, while subsequent phases aim to offer the service to the general public.

Figure show that some 17 per cent of adult Egyptians are diabetic, and that 60 per cent among them do not get the proper treatment owing to lack of awareness.


Watani International

23 February 2016









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