15 years on French Documentary Month

09-11-2014 11:16 PM

Eid Saad


This November the French Institute of Egypt in Cairo celebrated 15 years on Documentary Film Month. Through five films shown on 3 – 5 November, the public had the opportunity to rediscover the major figures of French cinema: in Bardot, the Misconception (Bardot, la Méprise) director David Teboul develops an intimate portrait of Brigitte Bardot, the stunning film star during 1950 to 1970. Henri Langlois Phantom, directed by Jacques Richard, depicts the pioneer of film restoration and one of the founders of the French Cinematheque in 1936.

The leading figure of the ‘New Wave’, director Agnès Varda, invented a form of light and poetic documentary portrait in her Beaches of Agnes (Les Plages d’Agnès), and for that she got the César Award for best documentary in 2008. Finally, The Extraordinary Voyage (Le Voyage Extraordinaire) is a journey into the fantastic imaginary world of George Méliès and returns to the epic conditions for the restoration of the A Trip to the Moon (Voyage dans la Lune), the first science fiction film in history.


Watani International

9 November 2014

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