Arts meet crafts

06-02-2015 11:01 PM

Antoun Milad


An exhibition of “Arts meet Crafts” was inaugurated in Bait al-Sinnari cultural centre last week. The “Arts Meet Crafts: from Contemporary to Traditional” project brings together contemporary Egyptian and European artists with traditional craftspeople of Cairo in the collective creation of artistic works.

In October 2014 a series of working sessions were conducted in artisans’ workshops in four areas of the Greater Cairo Region. As a result, twelve works of art in metal, stone, wood, glass, pottery, stucco, and alabaster, in combination with other materials and media, were produced in a collaborative effort of artists and craftsmen.

By inviting contemporary artists to produce their work using the skills and techniques of traditional craftspeople in workshops located in underprivileged neighbourhoods, the project aims at broadening access to modern art in Egyptian society while enhancing the diversity of contemporary Egyptian culture.

The project is organised by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Sennari House (Cairo) in cooperation with the ARCHINOS Architecture. The Embassy of Poland, the British Council, the Embassy of Switzerland, and the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland have all taken part in the project as well.

The project is financed primarily by the European Union Delegation to Egypt as part of the cultural cooperation program between the EU and Egypt.


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6 February 2015

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