Celebrating women in Cairo

12-03-2016 09:10 PM

Mary Fikry

The French Institute of Egypt celebrates Women’s Day over more than a week from 9 – 16 March. On 9 March, the NGO Nazra for Feminist Studies launched its Young Feminist/Women’s Initiatives Guide at the French Institute in Mounira, Cairo. It consists of 200 pages that include essential terms related to woman’s struggle, the main challenges they faced and their historical victories. Following a debate on the book, in which representatives of various woman organisations took part, the eensemble Bint al-Masarwa (Daughter of Egyptians) gave a special performance.

On 16 March, a project called Bossi (Look) will be held. It gives men and women chance to take the stage and tell their stories. A play Anissa walla Madaam (Miss or Mrs) will be presented; it tells of personal experiences of non-married women and the societal pressures they face.
On 17 March, a seminar will be held featuring the famed feminist Nawal al-Saadawi and focusing on the challenges confronting women in the Middle East. The event comes within the series of monthly seminars that centre on women rights.

Watani International
12 March 2016

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