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Comix Week

Mary Fikry - Nariman Yanni

26 Sep 2014 10:35 pm

Egypt’s first ever national event dedicated to the art of comic books and graphic novels set off from 23 to 27 September, as the first edition of Between Cadres (BECA) Egypt Comix week.
Organised by the Goethe and French institutes, Safsafa publishing house, and with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt, Comix week aims to highlight and promote the art in Egypt.
Egyptian artists have long been considered some of the pioneers of comics and caricatures in the region. Pioneers like Mohieddine Ellabad (1940-2010) and Ahmed Ibrahim Hegazy (1936-2011) were beloved and respected for their art, and a new wave of artists already dominate the media.
With multiple venues participating, both Cairenes and Alexandrians get the opportunities to catch a variety of workshops, lectures, and exhibition showcasing artists from Egypt, Germany and France.
In 2008, Magdi al-Shafei created Egypt’s first Egyptian graphic novel entitled Metro, which explored, using dark images, poverty and corruption. Under Article 178 of the Penal Code El-Shafei was fined LE5000 and his graphic novel remains banned until this day.

Watani International
26 September 2014

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