Dutch filmmaker honoured

29-11-2014 11:58 PM

Mary Fikry

The 7th Cairo International Women’s Film Festival is running from 29 November to 4 December with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Cairo. The festival’s Tribute goes to the distinguished Dutch film director Eugenie Jansen, presenting a selection of her award-winning work: the short documentary Feeding the Ducks (2005), the feature-length documentaries Foreland (2005) and Hinterland – A Child Soldier’s Road back to South-Sudan, the feature films Sleeping Rough (2002), Calimucho (2008) and her latest film Above Us All (2014), which premiered internationally earlier this year at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Eugenie Jansen will give a Master Class focusing on the process of filmmaking and the difference between a documentary and fictional approach, showing when to cross the frontier between them and why. The class also tackles the issue of working with non-professional actors in a fictional environment and explores new ways of storytelling, such as the use of new techniques and how this can evoke feelings of authenticity.

The 7th Cairo International Women’s Film Festival takes place at several venues in Cairo: the Creativity Centre at the Cairo Opera House, the Falaki Theatre  at the Thrir campus of the American University in Cairo, and the Goethe Institute. All the films are subtitled in Arabic and English and entrance is free of charge.


Watani International

29 November 2014

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