Italy marks centenary of WWI in Cairo

01-10-2014 03:19 AM

Mary Fikry



Diplomatic briefs

To commemorate 100 years on the World War I, the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo is organising several cultural activities this week. A concert will introduces Italian songs by Concerto di Salvo Mauceri e della sua band con canzoni di Fabrizio de Andrè, to be followed by screening the 1959 Italian film la grande guerra (the Great War) by Mario Monicelli. It tells the story of an odd couple of army buddies in World War I; the movie, while played on a comedic register, does not hide from the viewer the horrors and grimness of trench warfare.

And at the institute’s gallery, a photography exhibition under the title “The white war” by Lillo Piazza was held on 29 September, opened by the Italian ambassador to Cairo Maurizio Massari along with his Austrian counterpart.

The exhibition, which runs till 9 October, display scenes of mountains where the world war took place, as well as shots of flight used in the war.


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30 September 2014



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