Three Swedes in Cairo

20-11-2014 01:14 PM

Mary Fikry

The Swedish Institute Alexandria has hosted a book discussion of “Three Ladies in Cairo” written by the Swedish author Anne Edelstam. The book is the fictionalised true story of three Swedish
women: grandmother Hilda, mother Ingrid, and the author Anne Edelstam,
herself, residing in Egypt for three generations, and how they discover the
land of the Nile throughout the twentieth century social changes, up to
the Egyptian presidential elections in June 2012.

Born and bred in Sweden, all three women share their first-hand experiences
in coping with the colossal social and cultural differences they face in Egypt. The author reveals the traditional lifestyles and modern changes over more than a century.
This book offers deep insights and extended perceptions on Egypt’s
politics, economics, social and religious traditions, from the vantage
points of outsiders living as insiders, among friends and fellow Egyptians.

As a thorough researcher of social anthropology, Islamic history, and an
international journalist working in three languages – Swedish, French and
English, author Anne Edelstam weaves Egyptian history from the beginning of
the century through the eyes of her grandmother to her own personal thought on modern day politics.



20 November 2014

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